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Over time, moisture in the ground can damage your home’s concrete foundation. In the long term, the risk of persistent humidity in the basement and water infiltration may jeopardize a building’s stability.

There is a solution to prolong your foundation’s lifespan: waterproofing.

Monsieur Fissure chooses the appropriate products based on the kind of soil, the masonry and the nature of what is buried.
Foundation waterproofing work involves different steps, from digging up the foundation, locating the drainage system, cleaning the walls, applying the sealant and installing the sealing membrane.

There are low-priced products in the stores but their quality is not guaranteed. Using a professional like Monsieur Fissure ensures that the work will be done according to industry standards and practices for perfect, lasting results.

Monsieur Fissure will provide you with a free, detailed estimate including the data sheets for the various products, sealing compound or water-repellent mortar it will use as well as a list of materials.

Trying to save money by trying to waterproof your foundation yourself is not a wise move. It’s difficult work that requires a professional’s help. Investing in professional waterproofing will guarantee lasting results.

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