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Whether old or new construction, homes without any cracks in their foundations are very rare. There are many reasons causing cracks to occur, including the natural movement of the ground, changes to the original building material over time, and the impact of weather conditions.

Even if they seem superficial, cracks always represent long-term danger. Foundation cracks may allow moisture or water to infiltrate and can worsen to the point of becoming a structural problem for your home.

It is therefore absolutely crucial to have your foundation checked by a professional to act as quickly as possible and avoid more substantial expense in the future.

There are different kinds of cracks:

    • Micro-cracks: they are very fine, leaf-shaped cracks that measure less than 0.2mm wide. These are superficial cracks that present no immediate danger but should be monitored.
    • Fine cracks: They are between 0.2mm and 2mm wide. They can evolve or multiply representing a real danger to the structure of the building.
    • Dangerous cracks: These measure more than 2mm wide and more than 20cm long. Urgent action is required.

Staircase or horizontal cracks are a sign of problems with the basement and therefore the foundation.

In all cases Monsieur Fissure can provide a solution. They will first diagnose the damage and act accordingly. They can repair the foundation through polyurethane injections, also called polymer resin. Once injected, the polyurethane expands to ensure the crack is fully filled, while maintaining a certain degree of elasticity.

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