Foundation maintenance and cleaning

Whether you need cleaning or maintenance for your drains and pipes, Monsieur Fissure is here for you.

Whatever your maintenance or cleaning needs, we offer a range of services that will meet them. Our services include de-icing, unblocking, as well as cleaning of sumps and pipes.   Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field, we’ve developed a proven and reliable working method.  Call Monsieur Fissure for unparalleled service in Gatineau! 

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Icebreaking and de-icing: As we all know, Quebec’s winters can be harsh and if your foundations are damaged, water can easily seep in and freeze. If this happens and the foundations of your home aren’t de-iced, the very integrity of your home can quickly be compromised. This is why we offer the icebreaking service for your foundations in Gatineau / Ottawa (Outaouais)! Whether it is an emergency that must be resolved quickly or a need for maintenance as a preventive measure, our team of icebreaking experts offer exceptional service at all times.

Rinsing (flushing) and unblocking ducts: A blocked duct can cause homeowners a lot of headaches, as well as potentially cause property damage. This is why we offer a conduit rinsing (flushing) and unblocking service in Gatineau / Ottawa (Outaouais). Whether it is for a pipe rinse (flush) or unblocking, our team of experts in duct maintenance offer professional and high-quality service.

Duct cleaning: It is very important to maintain the ducts, the sump pipes and the drain. Our team of experts in duct cleaning will be happy to assist you in the accomplishment of this task and thus avoid the hassle that deterioration can cause.

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Whatever your needs, we offer a flexible range of products that will meet your maintenance and cleaning needs in Gatineau / Ottawa (Outaouais). If you have specific questions or need professional service, contact Monsieur Fissure by email or phone now!

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