Foundation Parging

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What is Foundation Parging?

Each household and building has parging, which consists in a protective layer intended to solidify your property’s foundations, and is generally made of cement. However, parging can also be made of acrylic or crushed stone. It acts as an extra layer that acts as a finishing element, making your foundation aesthetically pleasing. 

Parging Renovation

For parging restorations, our foundation professionals begin by removing excess concrete from the parging, which isn’t solid enough to stay in place. Of course, our team will repair any cracks in your foundation. After that, a new parge coat will be meticulously installed on your foundation.

Remplacement d'un Crépi de fondation Gatineau / Ottawa

Foundation Parging Replacement

In certain cases, it is possible that your parging needs replacing. The entire parging will have to be removed, after which all cracks will be repaired before installation begins. Keeping your parging in good condition will help you to avoid any eventual problems. If your parging is in bad shape, it can have unfavourable consequences on your house’s structure, such as water infiltration, mould, etc.

Cleaning and maintaining your parging

Proper maintenance is the best solution to keep your parging healthy. Moreover, this will allow to prolong its lifespan, therefore helping you save money.

If necessary, our team will take care of cleaning/repairing your concrete stairwell.

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