Foundation waterproofing

Looking for a foundation waterproofing specialist in Gatineau/Ottawa? If your basement feels unusually humid and damp or you find mould growth, contact us as soon as possible. 

Waterproofing: how does it work?

A foundation is considered to be an essential component of a property’s architectural structure. This part also ensures proper mass and weight distribution of your house.

Sadly, foundation waterproofing for newer houses is nowadays often overlooked by construction workers. They simply apply tar, an economical solution for short-term protection that’s not immune to foundation cracks or damage over time, in addition to not offering optimal protection against water and moisture.

Remplacement d'un Crépi de fondation Gatineau / Ottawa

Our foundation experts will be able to guide you through the entire process of waterproofing your foundation in Ottawa / Gatineau.

Environment surrounding your foundations

The type of terrain surrounding your property naturally contains water and humidity. Both these elements will have a mid-term and long term impact on your foundation’s water resistance. Adequate landscaping will ensure proper draining of rainwater and snow melt.  

Your house may be situated near a groundwater table or a flood-risk area, both conditions being favourable to your land being engorge. Therefore, in order to keep your house dry, it is mandatory to protect your foundation walls in function of the various aspects that make up your land.

Crack injection repairing in Ottawa

In order to waterproof your foundation, our team can take care of making injections. This job consists in blowing in insulation into the cracks of your foundation, sealing everything from the inside. It is highly recommended to do this before the first snowfall.

Waterproofing membrane installation

It is also possible to waterproof your foundation from the outside of your house. Our foundation professionals would dig around your property to find the foundations. After a rigorous cleaning job, the team will start installing your customised membrane, giving you optimal water resistance.

Installation de membrane pour l’imperméabilisation Gatineau / Ottawa
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