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Got a concrete foundation you’d like to ensure the integrity of?

Are you wanting to renovate your property and need to drill into concrete? Contact our team of concrete foundation experts from the Gatineau / Ottawa (Outaouais) region today, who will support you in your projects.

It is important to ensure that the integrity of your foundations is not compromised by natural deterioration.

This is why our team offers the concrete scan service in Gatineau / Ottawa (Outaouais). We are able to determine the maintenance or repairs required to ensure the sustainability of your foundations.

Drilling concrete can be difficult and, if done improperly, may compromise your concrete foundations. This is why we offer drilling as one of our services. Whatever the scope of your work, our flexible team will meet your needs.

Whatever your needs, we offer a flexible range of products that will meet your needs related to concrete foundations in Gatineau / Ottawa (Outaouais). If you have specific questions or need professional service, contact Monsieur Fissure by email or phone now!

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We want to let you know that our team is still active despite the global COVID-19 crisis. If you need urgent assistance, please send photos, full name, full address and details regarding your foundation problem, at this e-mail address:

Know that our company is fully prepared to work and will take necessary precautions to ensure you and our employees remain healthy. Rest assured, you can always count on Monsieur Fissure.With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Monsieur Fissure is the leading company for foundation repair and maintenance in the region of Ottawa. Call on our team of foundation experts today and request a free estimate for your project!