Foundation Water Infiltration

Water inlet (water main) connection in Gatineau/Ottawa (Outaouais)

Is there an overflow of water in your house? This can be caused by your main sewer line, possibly due to ineffective drainage. Note that only an accredited plumber or a team of experts who are aware of municipal by-laws are authorized to connect main water lines and sewers.

If you are looking for plumbers who specialize in connecting drinkable water lines and sewage in Gatineau / Ottawa, look no further! Monsieur Fissure is the best choice when it comes to fixing water infiltration problems in your home, all in accordance with municipal standards.

Since it is the owner of a residence who holds the responsibility for everything from water pipelines to the aqueduct shut-off valve, and municipal employees are the only ones authorized to open/close this valve, it is essential to call upon experts in connecting drinkable water and sewer inlets as soon as possible. Water and sewer connecting services in Gatineau/Ottawa requires solid expertise in underground plumbing, a broad understanding of municipal by-laws (building code and BNQ standards) and in some cases, the use of heavy machinery.

How does it work?

Connection services offered in Gatineau/Ottawa (Outaouais)

  • Sewer connection: A sewer drains waste water from a building over to the municipal sewer building. Inside the municipal building is a junction on the floor surface near the main shutoff valve, which, when unscrewed, cleans the pipe giving onto the street.
  • Water inlet connection: the water inlet guides drinking water from the municipal pipe (the municipal aqueduct) to your residence. As soon as water enters the building, a main shut-off valve completely cuts off the water from the building. The water inlet is made of PVC plastic, steel, copper and lead.
  • Storm sewer connection: available in some cities and specific to the collection and draining of rainwater coming from the roof drain, French drain and sump pump.
  • Connection to the public water system: if you would like to connect a new pipe to the main water system or extend/replace your existing pipe, you must request a permit from your municipality.

If you have specific questions or need professional plumbing service, please do not hesitate to contact Monsieur Fissure. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field, we’ve developed a proven and reliable working method.

Entrust us with your water and sewer connection project in Gatineau / Ottawa and remove worries and stress from your daily life. With our competitive prices, our expertise and our dynamism, you will benefit from our team’s know-how. We’ll take care of your water infiltration needs!

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