Polyurea floor coating

Polyurea floor coating is now available at Monsieur Fissure!

Always concerned with offering you a high-end service, we now offer the Polyurea floor coating membrane process, which is a protection, stabilization and waterproofing service for your foundations. Thanks to a simple and effective process, we will be able to meet your maintenance or foundation finishing needs by offering you a quality service that has already proven itself!

What is the process of Polyurea membrane? 

Renowned for its strength, flexibility and waterproofness, the Polyurea floor membrane is a simple process which is carried out in two stages.

First, we apply a layer of urethane to the foundation, which is a layer of plastic that acts as a primer. This preliminary layer corrects imperfections (holes, cracks, etc.) that are on the foundation. Then, we apply a layer of polyurea which will trap them while drying in a few seconds, to quickly offer high quality protection against possible deterioration of your foundations.

This process has undeniable advantages:

  • Speed: Polyurea is a liquid material which, once sprayed, dries in just a few seconds.
  • Quality : The polyurea membrane is renowned for its quality and resistance. This membrane will protect your foundations in a lasting way.
  • Flexibility: Whether it is for protection, stabilization, insulation against humidity or even waterproofing of your foundations, the polyurea membrane will meet your needs.  In addition, its simple and effective process allows both indoor and outdoor use. 

We’re here for you!

At Monsieur Fissure, we are always looking for ways to offer best possible service.  This is why we are proud to announce that the Monsieur Fissure team is the only one to offer the polyurea membrane protection service in the greater Gatineau region. Whatever your needs, contact us today for simple, fast and sustainable service! 

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