Stabilizing foundations

Stabilizing foundations by hydraulic piles

If a building’s foundations collapse, this can gravely endanger the occupants of a home, in addition to causing irreversible and costly damage to the property. This is why it is necessary to quickly and effectively stabilize the building when the problem emerges, before you find yourself in a dangerous position. Our foundation renovation team offers you a stabilization service using hydraulic piles, the only system capable of stabilizing and straightening a building.

Hydraulic piles in action

Once our foundation renovation specialists will have analyzed your needs regarding the stabilization of your building, our team will soon begin working.

The first step will be to dig a trench along your foundations.  We will attach support brackets to it that will go directly under the sole. Thereafter, we will lay the steel pile which will be driven into the ground thanks to a hydraulic cylinder, allowing it to be at the right depth and thus ensuring maximum stability. In other words, this steel pile will stabilize the building.

If necessary, our team will proceed to straighten the building. Once this is done, our foundation specialists will weld the steel pile and reinforce it with concrete to ensure that your building is stable and secure. 

Hydraulic piles vs. Screw piles

If you need to stabilize or straighten your building, you must make sure that the system used is the hydraulic pile system. Why? Simply because the hydraulic pile system is currently the only system capable of stabilizing large buildings. Although the service is more expensive than the screw pile service, the screw pile simply does not have the strength to support a bigger weight than a balcony or shed.

So, whether to stabilize or straighten your property, do not hesitate to call us! Our team of foundation renovation specialists will provide you with unparalleled quality service in the greater Gatineau region.

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