Foundation repair

Foundation crack repair in Ottawa

Does your property’s foundation need repairing? You can count on our team of foundation repair experts to help you. Monsieur Fissure will successfully complete your foundation repair projects in Ottawa.

Rain or shine, our reliable foundation professionals will ensure that your foundation is fully repaired.

With our competitive prices and expertise, you’ll benefit from our knowledgeable and dynamic team during your foundation repair project. Trust us with your project and rest easy. We’ll take care of it!

Why worry about foundation problems

A foundation that is in bad shape will negatively affect the structure of your property. In other words, postponing foundation repairs will have unfavourable consequences on the entirety of your house/building.

At first glance, it may look like tiny cracks here and there. But beware! The highly contrasting seasons we get in Quebec and Canada will cause issues with exponential consequences.

Put another way, this will not only impact the structural capacity of your house, but your health too.


Signs that your foundation needs repairing

A foundation that’s in bad condition will affect your residence in numerous ways:

  • Leaking and flooding in your basement
  • Mould growth, which affect your health;
  • Emergence of insects and undesirable small animals;
  • Loss of insulation, which increases heating costs;
  • Increasing humidity and foul odours;
  • Concrete and cement start crumbling and falling off;
  • ETC.

Whatever happens, it’s not worth risking it. Call upon our foundation professionals: we will be glad to help by advising you and repairing your foundation.

Foundation leaks (water infiltration)

Preventing and repairing water infiltration in your basement is crucial if you wish to keep your house in optimal condition.

Water damage and mould growth can happen very suddenly and quickly deteriorate your quality of life. There are many preliminary signs that you can easily spot to determine by yourself if there is a foundation leak.

  • Cracks in foundation concrete;
  • An abnormally high rate of humidity, which affects air quality;
  • Mould growth, which cause foul odours;
  • Mould on concrete; the efflorescence looks like “foundation
  • osteoporosis”;
  • White powder at the bottom of basement walls;
  • Water causing walls to erode;
  • etc.

Our team at Monsieur Fissure will be happy to help renovate your foundation. Discover our foundation waterproofing services offered in Gatineau.

Concrete/cement foundation repair

For foundation repairs in Ottawa, you can count on our expertise at Monsieur Fissure to get the job done. It will be our pleasure to come evaluate your needs in person and provide a free quote.

Foundation repair in the Ottawa region

We also serve other sectors such as Hull, Aylmer, Masson-Angers and Buckingham. Furthermore, our foundation repairers are available to travel anywhere in the Canadian National Capital Region: Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Chelsea, Cantley, Thurso, Pontiac, Wakefield, etc.

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Know that our company is fully prepared to work and will take necessary precautions to ensure you and our employees remain healthy. Rest assured, you can always count on Monsieur Fissure.With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Monsieur Fissure is the leading company for foundation repair and maintenance in the region of Ottawa. Call on our team of foundation experts today and request a free estimate for your project!